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3 Killer Tips for Social Media Logo Design

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Branding

Hook them in. Bribe them with something they just can’t say ‘no’ to.

For a number of brands on social media, a great logo is what clients associate their brand with. It is the first thing your customers will remember about your company. Spot-on logo designs act as a symbol of your brand and aid your customers in identifying your services and products. A good logo design is an essential component of every serious label.

Some logos need a redesign, some logos are merely an idea; either way, when it comes to developing a sound branding strategy, we came up with these three tips for social media logo designs that will make your life easier.

1. Keep it simple

Simplicity is key! If you have too many eye candies for the user to focus on the logo, it will be difficult for both existing and potential customers to recognise it. Keep away from flashy details in your design – this will only be distracting and will not serve its purpose as a fitting representation of your brand. Whether we are talking about redesigning or creating a logo, its main role is to represent the essence your brand, so try to keep it visually interesting while still using a simple design.

A good example is Apple. This famous brand has experienced many logo redesigns since their beginning with their current design being the modernised variation of the logos that preceded it. The latest Apple logo is probably their cleanest and simplest so far. And yet when you look at their older logos, you can still find some original branding elements implemented in the new logo. Its simple and digitalised look is an accurate depiction of the company today.

2. Keep it customisable

There’s probably nothing that can provide your logo with a unique feel like impressive custom lettering. Too often companies think about the logo as a trip to the default fonts menu – only to see and browse which font family makes the company name look the best. Designing a logo should be more than just a click and apply. Creating and using customised letters ensures that your logo stays unique and recognisable.

Ask yourself; if I see your print on custom t-shirts, will I recognise it?

There are millions of examples of how businesses rip off somebody’s work as soon as they discover which typeface they’re using. The best example comes from Coca-Cola, where their famous font was used in numerous bad parodies worldwide. On the other hand, it takes some real skill and effort to imitate a custom hand-drawn type. By creating a logo with customised letters, one can keep their logo and brand intact from plagiarism.

3. Keep it updated

Sadly, even the greatest logos have an expiration date. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider small changes to make your logo up-to-date. This is especially important for social media, considering their continuously fluid nature. However, if your logo has proven successful in the past, don’t go for a significantly drastic change from the design you have already been using. Sometimes, a simple modification of the font family or using a cleaner image can keep a logo in step with the times.

If you’re exploring a new logo for your business or are passing through a time where you’re rebranding your company, focus on finding a balance. If you work with the right designer, you can create a satisfactory compromise between the current logo and an updated design that invokes a new appearance and feeling.


Logos are considered (by many) to be basic graphics or small images, but logos are powerful things. Designing a brand logo involves extracting the essence and purpose of your business and implementing it into a visual detail that can project your character in a split second.

As the most noticeable representation of any company, a logo helps you to (literally) leave your mark on the world. That means that mastering how to create a trademark logo that distinguishes your company is a valuable and invaluable asset.

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