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Butler Gourmet Pantry


Create a name, tagline, brand identity, packaging and website for a retail ready range of gourmet herbs. The family owned farming company is sixth generation and dedicated to continuing the proud family history, not only guarantee freshness but also enhanced flavour to any meal.

Project Details

Client Butler Gourmet Pantry
Skills  Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Brand Asset & IP Management
Products  Brand Name, Brand Identity, Registered Trademark, Styleguide, Customer Persona, Retail Packs, Website

The Creative Strategy

Butler Gourmet Pantry is a contemporary brand that builds upon the tradition and trust of the sixth generation Butler Market Gardens and provides a clear distinction for the future of the retail brand.

The development of the Butler Gourmet Pantry name and brand identity communicates the following qualities; premium, gourmet, fresh, flavour, perfect, convenient.

The brandmark consists of 3 elements; the icon, the wordmark in a clean modern typeface and the base line.

Visual Language

Fresh contemporary images are used as the Butler Gourmet Pantry look and feel.

Contrasting with a cool charcoal colour palette and complementing the packaging. The butler ‘hero image’ is used to present the retail packs and contemporary food images, reflecting the target market’s lifestyle and supporting the brand’s look and feel.

The Outcome

The tagline, ‘Serving the Perfect Finish’ reinforces the brand’s positioning of adding flavour and enhancing dishes.

One of the most crucial factors in Butler Gourmet Pantry’s brand development is its use of black & white contrasting against vibrant greens, projecting a sophisticated feel for the brand. Carefully chosen typefaces was also important for its contemporary feel.